File Transfer Protocol

Definition of FTP-: When we are working on computer then we create a file to save our data in computer system. If we want to share our data to another person we can share by USB,CD,or DVD. But if the receiver is very long distance then we share this data by Email .   On … Read more

Network Layer Protocols

┬áNetwork Layer Protocols -: International standard ORGANISATION has created a model By the help of this model we can create our communication protocol this model called OSI model. OSI (Open system interconnection)model also called a Network layer protocol model. Network layer protocol model has divided in 7 layers.     Physical Layer-: This layer is … Read more

Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

TCP/IP – As we know that the TCP/IP is the communication protocol for communication between computers on the Internet. TCP and IP are the Two part of communication. IP(Internet protocol) TCP(Transmission control protocol) IP- It provides communication between hosts on different kinds of networks . This protocol is unreliable with connection less.Each packet is independent … Read more


Protocol Definition -: When two people are communicate to each other .It is necessary the language of the both people are same. When the language are same then they communicate to each other easily. As like two or more computers want to share data to each other it is necessary the communication system may be … Read more