Protocol Definition -:

When two people are communicate to each other .It is necessary the language of the both people are same. When the language are same then they communicate to each other easily.

As like two or more computers want to share data to each other it is necessary the communication system may be same. In others words we can say there are some rules for the computer to communicate to each others these rules called the Protocol.

When  communicate with each other or share the data to each other they follow a common set of rules and instructions. These specific set of communication rules are called  protocol.

Digital Communication Protocol work on three way..

  1. Syntax
  2. Symentics
  3. Timing

Syntax-: This protocol is use for preparing data that’s data will be communicated. It determine which character set and code will use. So it is called data communication syntax.

in other words we can say that a  syntax refers to the structure or format of the data, meaning the order in which they are presented.

Symentics-: In this process it determine which data will be transfer it is called Symentics. It is responsible the data which is transfer not be a wrong. Symentics refers to the meaning of each section of bits.

Timing-: This is the important the data will be transfer may be right time.Timing refers to two characteristics  when data will be sent and how fast they can be sent.

Communication protocol are established as a software layer and every layer protocol has a special work. Some communication protocol has been use for direct in network.

Type of Protocol- There are some 

TCP/IP-:  Full name of this protocol is Transmission Control(TCP) and Internet Protocol(IP). This is the group of communication protocol that providing the facility for sharing data that is available.

This was use for first time In America in Arpanet after Arpanet developed in Internet.

Although TCP And IP are different protocols.  But these are use in communication. This is depends on OSI model It was divided in Four layer.

TCP-: Full name of this protocol is Transmission control protocol. TCP protocol work is dived the data into packets and after reeving the data this protocol make a message.

Internet protocol(IP)-: When the TCP divided the data a particular IP address add there and the data reached by a particular IP address. IP address determine the data will reach his right address.

SLIP- Full name of this protocol Serial Line Internet Protocol. It was developed for providing Internet facility to the  Unix Operating System.

PPP protocol-: Full name of this protocol point to  point protocol (PPP). when two computer connected directly to each other they are use PPP . It is a member Of TCP/IP.

Network and Network devices-: When two or More then two computer connected to each other with the help of the Peripheral devices then they make a structure this is called the network. These computer may be Micro,mini,  super computer or workstation . Helping equipment may be printer,hard disk,modem etc.

There are some network devices  as like

  • Network interface card
  • Modem
  • Multiplexer
  • Router
  • Repeater
  • Bridge
  • Gateway
  • Hub



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