File Transfer Protocol

Definition of FTP-: When we are working on computer then we create a file to save our data in computer system. If we want to share our data to another person we can share by USB,CD,or DVD. But if the receiver is very long distance then we share this data by Email .


On the computer network has some standard are available this is called the Protocol. File transfer one computer to another computer a Protocol is use this protocol called FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL(FTP).

This protocol is the part of TCP/IP groups. There are many server on the internet which is transfer the file these server called FTP SERVER.

User Which  is using FTP Server called the FTP client.

Working System of FTP-: It is depend on the client server Technic in this User and his computer and his installed software called the client.Another one that transferring the file called Server.


There are 2 part of FTP Working system. These are

FTP CLIENT-:  User want to file transfer by using FTP called the FTP client.                                By sing programme FTP client can download the file or                                         upload the file on the server.FTP client programme are                                          depend on text  based and some are depend on graphical user                               interface.

FTP SERVER-:   As  like on the internet has many server where we can see the many web site as like FTP Server are available which is transferring the file . There are many organization that providing web and ftp facility.

FTP server are two type

Anonymous Server-: This is the public server because when we are using these server we don’t need to create a particular account.By using these server user need a Email id and Password.

Name server -:  These server is not a public server. Only authorised user can access the file.  FTP organization providing a particular user id and password where the authorised user can access these file and upload.

File transferring mode-:  File transfer on FTP in two way

  • Binary Mode- In the binary mode files are transferring without changes.
  • Text Mode- In text mode readable files are transferring .




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