change the home page in internet explorer

Definition of home page -: When we open any web browser we see the first page that was open automatically  this is called the home page.This is different to different browser and different system. Some user has set the home page is and some are using different web browser.

how to set home page in internet explorer as home page

First we connect to internet and open internet explore .

Second we open a webpage that page we want to set  a home page as like we want to set a home page  . First we start the internet explorer  and in browser window we type  and give the enter.

We open a tool menu and select the internet option . as like here

By this menu we click here to internet option then we get a dialogue box will open here as like

In this dialogue box we select the current button for a home page or we give the our web address as like and click the apply button and click ok button.

now is a our home page .When we open a internet explorer first page will be show here that was is



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