Generation of computer and use of equipment

First computer was established in 1946. It’s name was ENIAC(electroinical numerical intergrated and calculator ).It was developed by the J.P.Eckert and J.W.Mauchly

Generation of computer according to changes them processor and other

First Generation(1946 to 1959)—–

first generation computer

1.In this generation computers were very big in size

2.In this computer main part was vaccume tube Or diode valve was use

3.Data was store In puncthcard .

4. These was very heavy

5.These computer works only machine language

Second Generation (1959 to 1965)—–

In the Bell laboratiories villiam shockly and her assistant invented a new electronic TRANSISTORS. It was a semiconductor device. and it’s capability was more then vaccume tube

1.In this generation TRANSISTORS was used.

2.Data was stored in magnetic tape

3. In this generation computer are univac, IBM-700

Third Generation (1965 To 1971)

In this generation IC (intergrated circuit) was invented and it’s was using .

It was very powerful.

In this generation High level language are used.


Fourth generation (1971 to 1985)

In 1971 first microprocessor was invented by Ted Haff.

These computer work in nano second

In this generation high level language are used as like BASIC, COBOL,

Example-IBM PC etc.

Fifth Generation (1985 to Now )

In this Generation VLSIC(very large scale integrated  circuit) are using.

example Param. it was invented in India

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