Application Areas of Computers

The influences of computers are widespread and are used in various application areas mentioned below.

Business Area:-
Business people use computers to track accounts, cash transactions inventory management, to store information, order history, maintaining sale transaction records and prepare the reports. Now a days, several organizations use computers for doing transaction online. They have their own web sites where one can purchase an item and make payment online.

Entertainment Area:-
PC can be used to play audio, video and can be connected to TV, LCD Projector to have real time home theater experience.
Most movie goers like science fiction or action movies, especially the ones that have dazzling special-effects. Well, those graphics were mostly made by computers.
Computer gamming is another area where PC can be used as a gamming device owing to its multimedia capabilities.

Education Area:-
Computer being known for its speed and accuracy and plays a major role in the education sphere of its storage feature enables to maintain digital library which can be retrieved based on requirement.

Medicinal Area:-
Computerization of Hospitals help to keep record of patients admitted, keep track of equipment and their status.
In addition, Medical practitioners use telemedicine to diagnose patients. In telemedicine, a doctor or a specialist diagnose a patient through video conferencing system attached to computer and Internet link.


Finance Area:-
The advantages due to computerization of banks are multidimensional – to the customer, and the banks.
Customers can logon to bank’s website through Internet and transact with their account in any part of the world.
Speedy information transfer enabling fast decisions, because of interconnected computerized branches and controlling offices.


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