how to earn money from youtube

YouTube Introduction -: YouTube is a social platform where we can see the multiple video and  we can share video file .  We know that the YouTube is a social website where we can see all type videos. You can share these videos and comments. you can also upload a video on YouTube for creating a YouTube channel.


How to Make Money Using YouTube-: YouTube Is a good platform for earning money. By the help of YouTube You can earn lot of  money. For making a money from YouTube follow these process

1- First Create a YouTube channel from YouTube website using the gmail account.

2. After creating a YouTube channel upload good quality video from your channel.

3. After Uploading the video you get more subscription and viewer comes on your channel. You will be famous on YouTube. In other words we can say that you gain the audience  of your channel.

4. When you get the audience of your YouTube channel then Monetisation of your YouTube channel.

5.Set up Google set account -: After the monetisation of your channel create a google adsene account .  Google adsense provide a google ad from your YouTube video. Google adsense is the best way for earning money from YouTube channel.

Another way  for earning money from YouTube channel-When you will get million of followers you can earn money there are some way ..

1 .-  Brand Sponsoring-: This is the most popular way for earning money from YouTube . It is one of the most popular apps in the world, advertisers are willing to high payment to showcase their brand to a primarily young audience. top YouTube user would range in the $500k–1500k range if not more depending on the number of views they can get. There’s a lot more money in the space.

2. -Selling your product-: If you become famous on YouTube you can sell own product or other product.You probably are no stranger to merchant (healthy foods, electronic item, clothes, shirts, pants, etc. ) being sold on YouTube and across all platforms has been shown to make about the same if not more money than ads would make you.

3. Cross promoting your other social media accounts.  As like Instagram, tiktok , Facebook, Twitter… The most popular YouTube user  really build large audiences across all other platforms not only to diversify just in case YouTube dies, but also because more people looking will be looking at your content which equals more money.

4. you can earn money using the web promotion and app. there are many app owner and website owner want to promote there web and app. they will pay you for prompting there app and website.

5. Affiliate marketing -: You can Promote Your affiliate link here and earn money. YouTube Provide the live facility you can promote the live link here and earn money.


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