converting number system

Number system converting 

  1. Decimal change into Binary number system- In this All the decimal number are divided by 2 as like some example:-

Convert 215 into binary number

A. First we divide by 215/2=102    we get binary number  1

B. second we divide by 192/2=51 we get binary number  0

c. Third we divide by  51/2=25       we get binary number  1

D. Fourth we divide by 25/2=12     we get binary number  1

E. fifth we divide by   12/2=6           we get binary number  0

E. Six step we divide 6/2=3               we get binary number  0

F. next is divide 3/2=1                        we get binary number  1

G. next is we get 1 is binary               we get binary number  1

215 is a decimal number and (11001101) is a binary number

we start the bottom to top

2. Decimal convert into octal number system

First we take a decimal and divide by the base of octal number and base of octal number is 8.

example:-convert 215 into octal number system

A. First we divide by 215/8=26    we get octal number      7

B. second we divide by 26/8=3 we get octal number         2

c. Third is  get octal number                                                   3

Base is 8 if we get the result is less then we get octal number

215 is decimal and (723) is the octal number system

3. Decimal convert into hexadecimal – In this we divided by 16 because hexadecimal base is 16.It means 11=A,12=B,13=C,14=D,15=E,16=F

Example – 215 convert into hexadecimal

A. First we divide by 215/16=13    we get Hexadecimal number      7

B. second we 13 is hexadecimal and word is C=13

215 is decimal and ( C 7 ) is hexadecimal.


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