Search engine and its components

Search engine definition :-which place there are many website store on  a place and we can search all things one place called search engine. In the market there are many search engine available as like Google, Yahoo, Bings, MSN etc.

All the search engine store all the database  on the hard disk. Search engine work as a interface between the user and database.

Web server show all the link as a hyper link and show a link.

Parts of search engine:-  Here are some important part of search engine.

A. Spider


C. Search engine Program

A.Spider :- It Is called Robot or crawler also and it is a special program who continue searching website and scan them. This program continue searching website and providing a link.

B.Index :-Index is a catalog . In the index all the information are store  . When user search any keyword then Index are providing by link.

c. Search engine Program :- This software use the user keyword and search his index and show in the page.

Classification of search engine

Web based search engine :- In this search engine are depend on web based. They have a web based data base.

Web directory


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