waterfall model of software engineering

Introduction of waterfall model -: This model was describe about the SDLC process. This is the oldest software development model. Waterfall model is very easy to understand. In the waterfall model has many phase. In this model all the phase are step by step completed. Means if the first stage completed then the next steps comes. It don’t go to return  previous steps. Here we read all the process step by step


Requirement -: For creating any software or process of development it is necessary to know what are the requirement to developing of any software. User requirement is necessary to know for developing any software. First collect all information about the software requirement and analysis the information.

Design -: After the collecting the information the next steps comes to create the design of any software. For creating a design of software keep the mind for user requirement. Design give the  SRS document into a structure that is suitable for implementation in programming language.

Development -: After creating a design the next steps comes for development means create a source code of into programming language. In this steps all the code are written in special language that you are using

Testing -: After writing the code the next steps comes for software testing. Testing play a very important role in sdlc process. It is necessary to know the software you are created that is working or not working. What are the error comes in the software when we are using.

Deployment –: After the testing the next steps comes deployment. After the testing the product is deployed in the customer environment or released into the market.

Maintenance -: This is the last steps of waterfall model.If there are necessary to create any part of software this process comes If any issues comes in software using the client . Then fix those  issues,  patches  are released . Also to enhance the product some better versions are released. Maintenance is done to deliver these changes in the customer environment.

Advantage of waterfall model -: This model is describe all the SDLC process step by step.In this model all the requirement are well defined and documentation.All the step of developing software they are related to each other and understandable means the technology is very easy not a dynamic.  The project is very short. All the state are Clearly defined. In this all the steps of development of software are very easy to arrange tasks.

Disadvantage of waterfall model –:It doesn’t allow much reflection or revision. It is use only one process like if we are in the testing stage, it is very difficult to go back and change something that was not well-documented or thought upon in the concept stage. There are some disadvantage of waterfall model…

  • This is not working software is produced until late during the life cycle.
  • This is high amounts of risk and uncertainty.
  • This is not a good model for complex and object-oriented projects.
  • This is a weak model for big and running projects.
  • This is not suitable for the projects where requirements are at a moderate to high risk of changing.
  • Integration is done as a “big-bang. at the very end, which doesn’t allow identifying any technological or business bottleneck or challenges early.


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