what is software engineering

Introduction of software engineering -: Software engineering is make two words. First is the software and second is the engineering.For understanding the software you need to understand what is software ? Software are the set of programs/packages which we can not touch and feel.

In other words we can say that the software definition are different as  

  • software is  the instruction that when execute desired provide features function and performance.
  • Software is the data structure that enable the program to ad-equality manipulated information and
  • Software is documentation that describe the operation and use of programs. For example of software visual studio etc.

Software engineering  is  an computer engineering branch.In this branch a software was developed using well-defined scientific rules and methods. The outcome of software engineering is an efficient and reliable software product.

Software engineering Requirement  –: In the software engineering there are some requirement for creating a software.

software engineering

Why software engineering -: Engineering make 3 basic things. The first thing is the predictability and quantifiable. Second is the application of theory of mythologies framework and tools.The third thing is the provide high quality result for the software are created in the cost effective manner.So the software engineering play a very import role for creating a software.

Why are software engineering popular  –: When we didn’t have any software engineering there are many software are failed some of these reason. these are the ..

  • Many software becomes over budget. So in this condition the software are expansive.
  • In the software are very large in this condition the maintenance are very heavy.
  • Lot of the software are not able to satisfied to the user requirement.
  • complexity of the software increased the hardware facility

Software engineering provide all these problem solution so the software engineering is popular. The first thing it’s provide all the solution for systematic way.

For understanding the why  software engineering popular we divided in 3 layers

  1. Process layer
  2. Method layers
  3. Tools layers

Software Engineering Layers -:  

(A)- Process Layers -: In this layer it find the software framework and its find various order of software activities. Its tell about what is the requirement of software, how is  the design ,which platform the software are created and how is testing.

(B) Method Layers -: In this process it’s take the proven activity  to perform certain activity. This process describe the requirement the  data analysis / model design,model testing etc.

(C) -Tools layers-: In this layer provide automatic support.In this aids in the systematic application of software engineering.




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