Email protocol

Protocol-: Using the email some rules are established these called protocol. There are some protocol here 1.SMTP- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol-: 2.POP-Post Office Protocol 3.IMAP-Internet Mail Access Protocol 4.MIME-Multimedia Internet Mail Extension  Email Address-: Here are a particular id for a particular user. in this email address has 4 parts they are here as like … Read more

Email or Electronic mail

Definition of Email-: Email or Electronic mail is a written message .By the  help of communication system this message send one computer to another computer system or we can say one user to another user. Advantage of Email-: This service is providing by the internet and it is mostly . High speed -:Email message are … Read more

Book marks adding

what is book marking -: Some time we searching many website and want to store a website address on our search engine this process called bookmarking. In the internet explorer this website link are store in favourite and in Netscape navigator this website link are store in Bookmarking . some software are store in Hotlist … Read more

Search engine and its components

Search engine definition :-which place there are many website store on  a place and we can search all things one place called search engine. In the market there are many search engine available as like Google, Yahoo, Bings, MSN etc. All the search engine store all the database  on the hard disk. Search engine work … Read more

converting number system

Number system converting  Decimal change into Binary number system- In this All the decimal number are divided by 2 as like some example:- Convert 215 into binary number A. First we divide by 215/2=102    we get binary number  1 B. second we divide by 192/2=51 we get binary number  0 c. Third we divide by  51/2=25  … Read more

computer number system

Number system :- In the computer when we type some words or letter computer convert into number because computer understand only number This Technic called number system. computer understand binary number system 0 and 1. Number system– There are 4 type number system 1.Binary number system 2. Octal number system 3. Decimal number system 4. Hexadecimal number system … Read more

Data communication

Data communication-:When data are send one place to another place it is called data communication. Components of data communication – Its has three parts 1. Sender (Tran smiting device)-: It may be a computer or terminal 2.Receiver(Receiving device)-: it may be terminal or computer 3.Channel of communication – It is a channel of communication Mode … Read more

How Computer Works

A computer usually performs four major operations or functions mentioned below Input: Accepting data and instruction Processing: Process the data based on instructions Output: Produce the processed data to the output devices Storage: Stores the data/Information on the Hard disk

Basic Elements of a Computer

Hardware & Software:- Computer consists of two basic building called Hardware & Software. All the physical parts of the computer which can felt are Hardware components. Example: Motherboard, Hard disk, SMPS, Processor, RAM etc. Software is set of programs containing set of instructions to perform the task. It can be classified in to system software … Read more