What is the VPN

Definition of VPN -: Its full name is the virtual private network. Virtual Private Network is a network technology that works to convert an unsecured network into a secure network. It’s helps to hide the real identity and place to the user. That is, VPN keeps your identity completely confidential. And protects your data from being hacked. Also it protects your Freedom of Internet rights. and allowing you to access restricted services and websites.

what is the vpn

In simple words we can say that the help of vpn we can access any information without giving the our system IP. Suppose some website are not launched in our country and I want to open these website in this condition we use the VPN service. In the starting Netflix Launched in US in this condition other country user can not access this But the help of VPN all user can access this.

How to Virtual Private Network(VPN) works

When you enter any website URL in your browser and search them. So first of all your request goes to your internet service provider ( ISP). All the information like all details of your IP(Internet Protocol), your Online Identity, Device ID, Location and Data Request are checked. And after that you are connected to the server of that website.

After that whatever data is exchanged between you and that website, it is all done through the ISP. In this case, none of your data remains confidential. Apart from this, your network is also not completely secure. So that every moment there is a risk of data theft. Also, Restriction is also a big problem.

how to vpn works

Which prevents you from accessing Blocked Websites. You have to face some problems like Freedom, Privacy and Security. But VPN is the solution to all these problems. Because the working of VPN is completely different.

Suppose you want to open any website in your browser . So as soon as you type  website URL. Your request will go directly to the VPN Server and the data traffic that will go in the form of a request from your system or device, it will be completely encrypted. It will sent via a Secure Tunnel. Also, your online identity will be completely secret. Because the data traffic will be sent from the VPN server instead of your system.

But as soon as your data goes to the VPN Server, it will be decrypted. After that the VPN will send your request to the server of website And after receiving the answer from there, it will encrypt it back. and will send it to your phone via its secure connection. Now the VPN Software that is in your system or device, it will decrypt that data. so that you can read it. This way your ISP will never know which website you visited and what activities are done there.

How to USE of VPN

Using a VPN first select a good VPN Service Provider. After selecting VPN go to its website and download the VPN software according to your system. If you are using Smartphone then download the mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store.

If you are using any system then go to the website and download it according your windows version of your device. After downloading you can install this software in your system.

Now Open it and create a account using email and password. After creating accounting you can login here and use the vpn service. you can also download Chrome Extension in your web browser.

Profit of Using VPN Service

There are multiple profit for using the VPN service. Some important profit has been given here.

1-: Privacy -: Privacy is the first thing for us when we are using VPN service then it’s hide the location and identity. Some website are store cookies so they stolen our data and show its related information when we visit such website by using the vpn they can not store our location and IP address. This is the most valuable service that provide by the VPN.

2.-Secure-: VPN provide a secure connection. No one can stole our information and data when we are using the vpn service.

3.-:High Speed Internet or High Performance -: VPN providing high speed internet speed. Some time we visit such a website where we got a internet speed is very slow this is called the data throttling. VPN help to remove this problem because its convert the internet traffic into the encrypted form.

4-: Restrictions -: VPN allows access to restricted services by bypassing the restrictions imposed by the ISP. Also bypasses Geographical Restrictions. With which you can also access those websites which are banned in your country.

Like if I change the visibility of this article to India, then it will be visible only in India. Will not be visible in any other country. But with the help of VPN it can be watched from anywhere, from any country

Disadvantage of Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

There are some disadvantage of using the vpn they are here

  • Most of the reliable vpn service are not free. They are paid services.
  • All the available vpn are not trustable.
  • Good research are necessary for taking a good vpn
  • Some time vpn are very complex for using.

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