how to choose a domain name

Domain Introduction -: Domain is a name of the website. for example in the human every man has a name as like domain is the name of the website. Every website has a domain name. For example   a domain name. A domain name is the address where internet users can access your website.

Types of domain name -: Domain are many types. we can divided domain according into search level .

  1. Top Level domain
  2. Country code top level domain name


Top Level Domain -: In this type domain are called internet domain extension.It is last part of domain as like in this domain the last part of domain is  .org  . It was developed first .By the help of this domain you can rank of your website in search engine.These domain are seo friendly.  Some example of domain name

  • .org (It means organization)
  • .com(It means commercial )
  • .net(It means network)
  • .edu (It means education )
  • .biz(It means business)
  • .name(It means name)
  • info(It means information)


Country code top Level domain-: In this domain type represent a country. It means the last part of the domain name represent a particular country. for example the last extension represent the country. these are some example here..

  • .in(It means India)
  • .us(It means united state )
  • .cn( it means china)

every country has a extension name .

How to choose a domain name -: Domain name is a very important part of your website. If your domain name is not seo friendly then you can not get the rank in search engine and don’t get any profit. so before you start a website then select a good domain name. There are some tips for choosing a good domain name.

1-: Choose domain name length  -: Choose short domain name means the length of domain must be 6 to 10 words.  if the length is big that create a problem in typing  and learning is very difficult to the user.

2.-: Domain must be Easy in type-: Choose a easy word because if the word is easy every one can search. If word is difficult then there are many problem are comes to the user.

3.Choose good Keyword – When you are searching  a domain name then search which keyword are mostly search in the search engine. There are many keyword research tools available. they will tell you which keyword are mostly searching in the search engine.

4- Ignore number and hyphen  -: When you are selecting a domain name only alphabetic number must be choose. Don’t choose any number or hyphen in your domain name.

5.Domain Extension name-:  When you are selecting then choose your good domain extension name according your website and your country. If you are creating a education website then choose .edu extension name.



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